Strata / Body Corporate / Community Title Scheme

Audit Specialists

Best Value Audit Services – Guaranteed


We truly are specialists! We only provide professional audit services for Strata/Body Corporate Schemes. We are specialists because we don’t do anything else.

Our business has evolved from the needs of Strata/Building owners to meet their financial compliance and reporting obligations, in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

At NBCCS we are qualified accountants with many years of experience providing financial accounting, taxation and auditing services to Business, Government and Not-for-Profit sectors. NBCCS was created to provide specialist audit services to assist  Strata Schemes or Bodies Corporate comply with the applicable statutory requirements.

If your Body Corporate audit services are not provided by NBCCS, then you may be paying too much!

All our qualified team members are locally based (Queensland Australia). We do not use outsource service providers in foreign countries as we have strict requirements regarding the protection of confidential financial information of all our clients.

To compare our costs, request a QUOTE from the link above, and we’ll take care of the rest.